25 thoughts on “The Holy Trinity – A compilation on Ronaldo,Rooney and Tevez

  1. @CROOKYproductions rooney is not greedy?? lmao..what the use of the new contract awarded him just to stay at old trafford??

  2. Best, Law, Charlton were ‘the trinity’… and they didn’t play with a supermarket ball.

  3. @CROOKYproductions U dont hav no idea dude tevez left because of money,ronaldo left because he always wanted join real madrid since 2006 its his dream (check his wiki if u wanted proof) and rooney was in verge of leaving the club cause he wanted more money but manchester utd gave wat he demands cause they dont want to lose him.Now rooney is the highest paid footballer.

  4. @liedshow17 Ronaldo and tevez left for more money the greedy cunts so fuck of them rooney and berby all the way

  5. The best trio ever Figo Ronaldo Zidane
    2nd C.Ronaldo Tevez Rooney
    3rd Henry Messi Eto`o

  6. ppl should watch a compilation vid of henry, messi, and eto from 08-09 season. they were the best trio ever. ronaldo rooney and tevez come in second. 3rd is probably messi villa and pedro. im not even a barca fan but this is just the truth

  7. ohhh shit…. why did man united leave them.???
    ..i really miss this trio …….absolutely unstoppable when these trio are together …….!!!

  8. fucking hell man, despite being top of the league, i fucking miss tevez and ronaldo. Despite their despicable greasy cuntishness, they were fucking sweet players for us.

  9. @DankinTunes Rest In Peace… the glory days of Manchester United. The days when we had the most powerful attacking force in the world: Tevez, Rooney, and the Christiano Ronaldo. I severely miss these days.

  10. lost tevez, then ronaldo, and almost rooney. We shouldve kept a hold of this holy trinity

  11. 1:35

    Tevez is really good but what a goalsnatcher he is eh! Poor Rooney thinks hes scored and goes and celebrates by himself! haha!

  12. We had the most powerful attacking and defensive force at that time, will never forget it. Our counter-attack was unbelievable.

    Ronaldo + Rooney + Tevez = Merkage

  13. Fergie, Fergie, Fergie. What are you doing? Just because you’re on your way out of OT soon doesn’t mean you should take the club down with you. Utd won win fuck all for a few years, at leat until the useless yank cunts pack up and fuck off. Hope your happy Glazers you fucking cunts!

  14. @liedshow17 Ferguson had made some good desitions… some other not that good…. berbatov instead of tevez? i think he was doing drugs those days….

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