25 thoughts on “Top 15 goals of World Cup 2010

  1. The Word Art like word Liverpool Logo ” You’ll Never Walk Alone ”
    YNWA For Luis Suarez

  2. @Nyzzeh I understand that but long distance shots take skill too because the keeper has more time to react so its hard to score a long distance goal

  3. @danielkrieger1 The skill is how to get to those 3 yards against a full defense, not an easy counterattack or a high distance shot.

  4. @bowmorekut they won so i think your just still depressed about it. How can they suck if they beat you??

  5. @Nyzzeh of course it is skill it requires you to have power and accuracy, football is not just about scoring goals from 3 yards away from the goal

  6. van bronckhorst quitted now he was very good and had the best goal but against spain holland couldn’t win the goal from iniesta was actually offgame and holland suppost to get a corner but it’s done now and spain won

  7. it was a great world cup many people expected- to see argentina brazil or germany in the finals but it was netherlands and spain :)..I miss this cup

  8. forlans goals shouldn’t have been on here the 1st was poorly struck and the 2nd took a lucky deflection

  9. OMG, these video and comments show people have no idea of good football goals. Shots from high distance, specially with that crappy 2010 WC ball, are totally random and 0 skill. You kick the ball, and you have like 50% chances the ball will do something strange and 10% chances you will score. If that’s skill compared to elaborated plays involving more than 2 players….

  10. @TheMagic147 the ivory coast players handballed it too, it could’ve been a penalty

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