25 thoughts on “Worst Football Miss Ever!! Nov 15 2010

  1. @PHILIBOYLONDON it could’ve been his stronger foot! And if it werent why didnt he use it!

  2. LOL That is hilarious. It would have been less embaressing scoring in his own net

  3. yes, this really is the worst miss I’ve ever seen.. he looked like he was aiming for the goal post though.. is it possible he was bribed?

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  6. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE WTF !!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA XD this is EPIC… who´s paying that guy to play footbal AHAHAHA =D

  7. @HereisRoderick Lol yeah because everyone on Youtube uses correct grammar.

  8. @stephenogden Oh there goes another troll again. Learn how to write and punctuate before you come to YouTube.

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