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  1. Mexicans so badly want to be with Argentine women but the Argentine women know they are too good looking for them. The Mexican does not want to settle for his own women because he knows they are ugly with moustaches. The Argentine woman is the ultimate prize in the Mexican’s eyes and if he could only snatch them away from her Argentine men, he would be able to relieve his deepest sexual appetite. The Mexican has a short, ugly, stinky dick that he wants to fill an Argentine woman’s orifices with.

  2. The only reason this game went into overtime is because of an own goal by borghetti. Argentina didn’t beat Mexico. Mexico beat Mexico. Same thing in 2010.  Argentina still didn’t beat Mexico. The referees and Mexico beat Mexico. Congratulations to argentina for being lucky. Sad but true.

  3. @TheNostank18 goalie shouldnt of been playin, we all know perez would hold us down

  4. @argentinasoccer12 Argentina is too good to be White power.there over White power!!

  5. @TheNostank18 you know argentina got lucky with with all goals because goal #1 was offside and goal #2 was just a mistake with osorio and goal #3 was good but the game should have been 1-1

  6. this game was dominated by mexico forsure. if it wasnt for the BS goal handed over to Argentina then they would have never gotten the second. this goal ^ was the only genuine one. Their 4 score loss against Germany definitely showed they didnt belong there.

  7. tevez whispered to himself b4 he made that spectacular goal “let me get rid of these fucking beaners once and 4 all”

  8. los q piensan que somos presumidos son envidiosos….nos envidian por que tenemos material para presumir y ellos no; mexicano envidioso…cuando nos ganes podes presumir, pero hasta entonces, baja la cabeza y respeta a tu padre.

  9. @jcortotega33
    donde esta tu pais???
    no lo veo, deja de esconderte en brasil, alemania y españa

  10. @hworkdedication ‘mexico were playing better’ dude you are american, no right to say anything about football, go watch nfl or something like that

  11. @hworkdedication stop crying and deal the ass woopin like a man vamos argentina

  12. @me55idona10 Mexico were playing better and attacking from the start untill tevez made that piece of shit goal you actually think you guys won fair? Your the one thats stupid for thinking so bitch you guys didn’t win fair you guys always cheat your way through victory. Which is sad.

  13. @hworkdedication how could u be raping when the only goal yall scored came when mexico was down 0-3??? u sound stupid, just stop ur crying and take the ass whooping son

  14. Reconozco qye argentina es una buena seleccion,soy mexicano pero hay una cosa en los argentinos :

  15. Te amo Tevez! El mejorrrr 🙂 Great example to young players everywhere, his passion and workrate is something to admire. Carlitossss 🙂

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