25 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez

  1. I am completely impartial because i support no team! Carlos is a natural talent! AMAZING!

  2. Are all Manchester United fans such brats, that if one player leaves they get all pissy bitchy and insult that player. I.E. Tevez and Ronaldo.

  3. i like the united fans who are now saying they dont need tevez, what ever happened to ‘fergie sign him up fergie fergie sign him up’

  4. Let him go, his allegiance for some reason is too joorabchian!!

    Rooney is twice the player tevez will ever be!!

  5. go to Liverpool.
    score against man utd
    and win 19th EPL with liverpool.
    so alex ferguson will regret

  6. tevez is so important to uniteds attack
    ronaldo and rooney gets all the fame but without tevez they would be half as good as they did

    so if united lose tevez that will slightly cripple uniteds attack and c.ronaldo i predict will spit in the faces of united supporters [again] and go to madrid but united should really try and keep tevez benzema would make good replacement but nothing can beat good ol tevez when hes in the mood

  7. hell ya one of the best players ever, he is a work horse if he leaves i will be pissed, rooney till i die

  8. atleast this animal’s name is something and he play in a top notch world-class team .. what did you do for your self other than rubbing ur fatass while watching youtube?

  9. 3;18 minutos para ver 5 goles nada mas?con la cantidad de goles que tiene carlitos pones 5 nada mas???

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