Carlos Talks about His Bizarre Earnings in Asia

Carlos Tevez might have retired from active playing but he still makes the news in some way or the other. Indeed, he is still considered a cult figure for Argentinian players. Recently he has made a name for himself in England. Before that, he had a spell in Asia where he claimed he had been on holiday. However, he ended up making a mega sum there. However, his manager feels that he is overweight if he wishes to stay active on the field.

It is said that he made a sum of 32 million pounds during the seven-month transfer period he was in Asia. That is indeed a jaw-dropping figure. During this spell, he also wowed his fans on the pitch. He played for the Red Devils team which had many star-studded players. He had arrived initially in England to be part of the West Ham team. He was teaming up with fellow player Javier Mascherano. The striker also had three spells with his homeland team Boca Juniors. However, his spell in China has been part of his long playing career though many terms it as bizarre.

His spell in China was back in the year 2016. He was part of a group of players who joined the Chinese Super League from overseas. At this time money was being invested in the league to raise the performance level of the players. Hence, many experienced international footballers were brought into this league. Tevez made the transfer along with others such as Jackson Martinez, Demba Ba, and Freddy Guarin.

Carlos, being a three-time winner of the Premier League matches, transferred with a hefty fee. That is, he pocketed a weekly pay of 615000 pounds per week. That totaled around 32 million pounds during his stay.