25 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez Interview

  1. He’s lucky he’s so handsome because he clearly wasn’t blessed with much

  2. Funny facts. I have met tuns of english native speakers in Prague. Many of
    them have beeen living here for years and still are not able to put a czech
    sentence together, eventhrought they have never learned foreign language in
    there lives.

  3. @6804alefito haha i speak both english and spanish ha and i think this is
    funny ha its veryy difficult for him to speak english haa hahaha funny and
    i dont think that if you dont speak english your a retard but its also not
    nice to laugh at people ha lyk i am.. pero bueno es buen jugador y mientras
    juege bien pues no importa si habla bien o no el ingles ha felicidadez a
    carlos tevez. ha

  4. fine fine fine Very good Very good Very good Veryverygood xDDD search –
    Very good song by banda limon xDDD

  5. i understand everything what you wrote…im not stupid like u!! i dont want
    to write anymore cuz i dont want to fight with an idiot like u see you soon
    usa’s son

  6. – A Question, Tevez.. What is Tsunami?? – Tevez: Mi nami is Carlos Tevez.

  7. He was better off when playing for Boca. He was happier and playing better

  8. @7pabliyo si si preguntale a tu hermana o madre jajajaja dan asco
    ambrientinos ay esta su guapo teves jajajaja mejor cellese el osico y
    modernisense changos feos sudacas de mierda adios nacos lo peor lo peor y
    no mejor no ni tus hermanas o tu madre como son las argentinas bien flakas
    y narizonas jajajaja no mejor asi uds son y tienen lo peor pobres sigan
    enviadiando adiosito chaooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  9. he is mean: barcelona playing good.. messi and thierry henry.. its very
    difficult for us.. because barcelona is good.. and then very difficult game
    for us.. yes very difficult..

  10. @nocturnalcaos Why you insult him? what about you, fucking prick, that you
    dont even know how to spell “todavia” or “hediondo”? Che, cabeza de termo,
    primero aprendé a hablar bien español, terminá la secundaria y después andá
    a la universidad. Y si te queda tiempo comprate una vida, ignorante.

  11. @alonso932 ignorante yo?? o tu que no sabes hablar en ingles??? jejeje
    bueno aceptaste perder….tienes que aceptar que fue very difficul!!!
    jajajaja venga chicharito!!!

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