16 thoughts on “Carlos Tevez joking with John Terry.flv

  1. In Arg we have best landscapes that only llamas…. must see Iguazu falls, The Snow in Bariloche, the goldfields of Santa Fe and Cordoba…. a lot of weathers…. sorry man…in england you have rain all the fucking days…

  2. tevez will never speak english like that….you are a bastard

  3. YOU TUBE isn’t for that deceitful people as you! See you small dick you asshole. At the end I have to protest – UBA isn’t even in the first top 50 of America – althought on the list are for example: Harvard, MIT and others. Not from today is even known that the world’s top of the education is placed on the universities from Asia, North America and Europe. Not from South America and Africa. Maybe you don’t know about it and then you brag over the world…

  4. You can’t be “an argentine” man… You can be only the “ARGENTINEAN” or the “ARGENTINIAN”. Maybe you should go back to school to get know surely who you are – you little doggy dick……..

  5. Sí las llamas que llaman !cuak.

    Carlos Tevez te adoro Apache, estás hablando el ingles mejor que Del Potro y Nadal.

  6. great :)!!! greetings from Poland – here little Johnny could be only cry after doing things that he have done to Wayne! best greetings to England and Argentina!

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