Soccer Safari

Among the many online casino games devoted to sports, it isn’t surprising that many of them are football-themed. As football remains a hugely popular sport across much of the world, it’s not surprising there is a lot of competition amongst football slots games. The games which stand out amongst all these are the ones which are really offering a quality gaming experience. One game which has been around for a little while now is the five reel video slot Soccer Safari, but is it worth your time and money?

It is certainly very different from most of the other football and indeed the general sport themed slots games out there, and the central premise is very amusing. Soccer Safari shows a variety of animals such as: lions, rhinos, cheetahs, buffalo and warthogs competing to try and win their own equivalent of the World Cup. They are watched by animal spectators, while the referee is a zebra and the commentary team is made up of an elephant and a giraffe. To bring this kind of thing to life you need great graphics. The animated ones used for Soccer Safari are brilliant, really bringing out the comedy value of the idea.

This should make the game really appealing to any football fan who likes having a laugh with the game, rather than taking it deadly serious with the added World Cup flavour to ensure it will resonate with fans in any country. However, as good as all this is, Soccer Safari also needs to deliver as a casino game, and it does.

To start with there is the jackpot, a more than decent $8000. Then there is the wild (Soccer Safari logo) and scatter (World Cup trophy) reel icons which increase your chances of a payout and activate the game bonuses respectively. Overall this makes Soccer Safari a slots game that should have virtually universal appeal amongst fans of the sport.