Carlos Tevez To Be Offered New Contract

Though it has not been a great season for Carlos Tevez, he might be offered a new contract. It has been noted that the player had been struggling to lead to the final of the FA Cup in China.

Shanghai Shenhua was contemplating to extend Carlos Tevez’s contract by 650k Euros per week through his score was just four in more than 15 of the matches in the Chinese Super League. The Argentinian player had struggled when he was left out from the squad of the teams for both the matches in the final of the Chinese League of the FA Cup. The match was against the SIPG teams from Shanghai who are the bitter rivals. Yet the team had covered up as they beat they defeated the side of the Andre Villas following a draw which had the result of 3-3. But their Zhou, who was the general manager deputy, had also stated that probably the club might provide some sort of more time of play to the player. They bought due to the beginning of the phase of the AFC League of the champions. Tevez had given good performance in both the Juventus and the Boca Juniors. Further, he highlighted that they needed a player with a good reputation and a universal appeal.

Also, he was stated that the player is not being consistent enough but because of the hard work and the efforts he is putting in, he might just be given an extension on the basis of that. The future of the player is set to be dependent on the negotiation between the concerned parties for the same. But the hope is still positive for the player to continue playing. It is for time to see what the outcome of the discussions will be.