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  1. Manchester City shit on their players. They buy hundreds of guys and drop the ones they bought only last year. Sure he’s paid well, but who can play well in crazy a turbulent locker room. He’s talking about retiring all together he’s so sick of people scamming and using him. City is a toxic club and he should go someplace consistent where more than just the fans appreciate him.

  2. continued from below…Man city should let him go he wont be missed atol

  3. The problem with Tevez is illitracy he didnt go to school and when he was playing in Brazil and Argentina,he used to go to training sitting on the back of a donkey…he is now playing footie England and knows all about bentleys,Ferraris and Mansions.Instead appreciating and thanking the people who introduced him to this kind of life style,he has grown horns and he wants to knock them down and he expects them to accept it…he has even refused to take English language lessons.He is out of order.

  4. Ha ha ha…I said when he went to man shitty that he was a greedy fat cunt….what age is he 26, 27? he’s already played for 5 clubs and soon it will be no.6!!!
    relationship problems with city executives?!!!! what bollocks….Now you know why SAF got rid of him…..

  5. way to lead us to idolize you, bring us to the top as CAPTAIN, and then leave us hanging. Way to complain about the work load and be pissed about getting subbed at the very end of the game. Way to prove that loyalty in football is dead. Way to disgrace our club, and make us look like pretenders. Way to scam and jooks us. You ugly fucker I have lost all respect for you. We always chant sign him up fergie but now I know why he let him bounce. We were so close. Typical city luck.

  6. I think hes made enough money at man city now hes eyeing sunny spain? barca/madrid? or maybe doncaster ? SHAME ANOTHER WORLD TOP PLAYER WILL PROBERBLY BE LEAVIN THE PL

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