25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo The Machine ( Full Documentary )

  1. والله رونالدو بطل .. وانا اشهد له بالأداء والمستوى
    لكن ميسي رجل مستحيل ..
    رونآلدو تسديداتة قويه ~ ميسي اختراقاته قويه
    رونالدو ما تدري من وين يشوت ~ ميسي ما تدري كيف تغطيه
    رونالدو سريع جداً ~ ميسي الكوره لاصقه برجله
    رونالدو بنيه الجسميه قويه ~ ميسي الياقه عنده فل دائماً
    رونالدو فنااان جداً ~ ميسي الرجل المستحيل
    بغض النظر عن مدريدي او برشلوني
    الأثنين جبارين .. لكن انا اعطي الأفضليه لميسي
    اشوف انه لآعب من كوكب آخر
    بالعربي هو كان ناقص هرمونات شكلهم طقوه منشطات قآلو علاج
    الولد نشيييط يا ناس

  2. @Pasipasipasi1 what the fck´s wrong with you, ronaldo´s clearly better in every other aspect than dribbling, tbh he´s a phenomenal dribbler as well, look at his amazing tricks with the ball bro 😉

  3. Messi is better than C. Ronaldo, no question about it, he is NOT better in all other aspecets..

  4. If u want to like this documentary on facebook. The page is called “Cristiano Ronaldo The Machine (Documentary)”

  5. Messi is d best bcos of barca.if he is so good at big games,y did messi farted against smallest of small teams like venezuela in copa?if messi proves he doesnt Ned great players to perform,then,ya,messi is d best.TIL THEN CR7 IS D BEST

  6. @Muhammaddhamir funny how hes always failed to deliver in important games though…messi scores when shit gets heated, ronaldo just stands there tryna look cool

  7. Why can’t we all agree that they’re both nasty at soccer? I mean, does it really have to be a competition? People who get caught up in the debate fail to see that they both have their strengths and weaknesses. And truthfully you’re probably just jealous you can’t play like that. (But lets be real…. NOBODY plays like that; they’re in a league of their own!)

  8. @aclock2 After being the player with the most hat-tricks in the top 5 european leagues this season, he still makes sure to tell everyone he is only concerned for the team succeeding, he has said this on countless occasions.

  9. @aclock2 Has SECURED…. dont get ahead of yourself, yes he’s an outstanding player, but he’s with an outstanding team that help him along the way. He needs the team to succeed. La Liga Ronaldo scored 40 goals, Messi scored 32. Take away all penalties scored by Ronaldo and he would STILL have scored more than Messi did. Most (and probably yourself included) hate Ronaldo due to the whole diving and ‘pretty boy’ look the media say he has and so dont concentrate on his actuall football.

  10. Messi is great, yes. Ronaldo is the best. And this vid is specifically about Ronaldo, why would you Messi dumbfu**s watch it if you’re only purpose in life is to defend a team that you started supporting after Pep took over and started winning?

  11. @Cds1707 Anyway, like it or not. Messi has secured his place in top 5 best players of all time and on his way to be the best player of all time. Ronaldo wasn’t even in top 3 last year (I guess it’s because many of his goal come from penalty or just easy goal like shooting at the open net )

  12. @Cds1707 The La liga is just begin my friend. It feels like you are dropping the big picture to look at the small piece here. And Messi often play extremely well again top Premier League teams like Man U, Arsenal. I don’t see why he can’t success in the Premier League (unless the team playing style is completely opposite with his style ). And Ronaldo seems pretty unhappy to see others score, I wonder how long he can be a team player.

  13. @aclock2 Messi has 10 goals in La Liga, thus far. Ronaldo has 7 and Higuian has 8…showing they dont soley rely on Ronaldo and do simply pass to him. He can score in any game and yet has chosen to assist 5 times in 3 games recently rather than scoring. Messi gains more assists because he sees far more of the ball in the final third. The team look to him for success. Once/ if Messi ever does prove himself in the premier league with 40+ goals in a season, then I’ll concede he’s a better player.

  14. @Cds1707 Bullshit, Barca is still one of the best team in the world with or without Messi. The fact that Ronaldo scores more than Messi proves that Real rotate around him more than Barca rotate around Messi, Messi has more assists .

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