25 thoughts on “Excellent Sergio Aguero Goal Vs Bolivia

  1. @Adeel2k11 anyone who knows what aguero got a week at athletico and what he gets now at man city.

  2. Subscribe, all the City fans, for new videos of every player in man city!, just started btw

  3. @ruideng111 i dont give a shit whether you give a shit the fact is you are wrong and ignorant.

  4. @ruideng111 one are you on about you tool Aguero said he would have liked to go to Liverpool because he always liked them and wanted to play with Maxi Rodriguez

  5. @Mstarr345 And also i hate to say, so far this season Van persie hasnt even reached 3 goals so Aguero has TRIPLE the goals he has sn.

  6. @oeckstei you know nothing about football. Aguero is a player who in his premier league debut has scored 8 goals in 5 games so far. Stop being an ignorant biased idiot.

  7. Aguero is quality but Van Persie is in a class of his own. Van Persie can come back from injury and score like nothing happened, and can drop back in midfield

  8. Aguero is quality! City are really becoming a real force to be reckoned with. Aguero is the reason my dream team is still top of the league =)

  9. lmao im a chelsea fan but i can admit that aguero is better than torres, and hes certainly better than van persie and suarez! only rooney,messi and ronaldo are better than aguero imo

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