25 thoughts on “Fifa 10: Ronaldinho and other Champions

  1. @k3rem1990
    no, because when you look at the end of the vid, you will recognize that this was only a print 😉 ronaldinho never cheats

  2. I was laughing like crazy cause obviously when the ball would go out of control he would reach out and get it as if he could see.LOL!

  3. Lewandowski was nearly that good as xavi , He got 7 Xavi Got 8
    Ronaldinho was cheating 🙂

  4. sorry for not commenting on ur vids 4 a while! saw this movie in webmovietube

  5. @cutbolwupp welllll nice for 42… i know one guy… he 14 years old and he can do more then 1000

  6. im a ronaldinho fan but i know he could look through the blind fold because @ 1:01-1:02 how could he see that the ball went all the way up there.

  7. i just oh shit! ronaldinho best my recor Bild !!! my rekord is 42 …. :O and iam 10 years old

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