25 thoughts on “Lionel Messi Top Ten Goals HD 2010 2011 Season

  1. @KARYVERO i would take the Deportivo goal out, and put in the first goal he scored against Sociedad… the famous triple one-two with Dani Alves!

  2. @TheRonaldinhoSKILLZ haha that celebration that he puts over and over was after scoring the leading goal of the champios league final.. he never celebrated a goal like that

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  4. In the nr. 8 seems like the number 2 of the Messi rivals was paid to leave him unmark and let that space which Messi needed to score !

  5. the first goal is unbelieveable, how the fuck can you do that vs Real Madrid in a champions league semifinal, haha.

  6. @TheCaravansary not twice, just once. And maradona had a better team in argentina than messi does, a player can be a godlike like messi or maradona, but he can’t win alone vs another 11 players. Nobody can do that.

  7. @nobody1370 acctually he likes it but he just put dislike cuz it is a secret

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