26 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo 2011 – I’m the Best | Full HD |

  1. this vid is great its not like the other whre they just show his goals you showed that tooo much players got owned by him and thats great

  2. /watch?v=0USKTNGlLa4
    My New Ronaldo Vid !
    Thumbs Up If You Like It (; (Y)

  3. hey haters if you wanna say CR7 is gay, you have to look at yourself first, if he’s gay how can he shoot the ball go like 64 mph huh? you haters are just fucking jealous… He has money, super car, everything, what you haters have?

  4. Oha wie der bei 3:08 alle flaxxst alles richtig macht alle richtig kaputt macht , aber dann Abseits -.-
    Hammer der Mann

  5. @Rockyyyyyyyyyy I know that’s exactly where you were heading with your asinine, ignorant comment. If you want to learn about football respond to my comment. I enjoy this.

  6. @Rockyyyyyyyyyy you seem to know nothing about football. He dribbles past and outruns many players but because he generally operates wide and then cuts in most of his dribbles are geared towards attacking the soft space to the side of a defender allowing him room to unleash his shot or pass the ball to a more centrally positioned player, which then releases him from the defender and into space. Messi though enjoys going past defenders or through them for his style. Idiot

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