25 thoughts on “Luis Nani # 17- Skills & Goals 2011 | HD

  1. Pastore and Chicharito, Nani, and Suarez hopefully. I hope pastore and Suarez go to United, Especially Pastore.

  2. @Toshkow7 Ronaldo wannabe?! because he’s skillfull, fast and portuguese? That’s his playing style, he’s not a wannabe, he’s sick

  3. I think he liiaks to dribble with his right foot on the right wing and cut in to shoot on his left foot.

  4. everyone has been going on about Berbatov this season. But i honestly think we wouldnt be top of the league if it wasnt for Nani. Can someone tell me what his stronger foot is?

  5. this guy is so talented and he knows , he is doing the best of it and we deffinetly enjoy every bit of it

  6. @10ManchesterUnited Then you obviously know that Nani isn’t portugals best player?

  7. Nani is the best player ever! Wonderful video! Michuu! Thumbs up if you think it was a good video xD!

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