25 thoughts on “Ronaldinho Best of The Decade

  1. i wanna be like him one day joy happiness and AWESOME skills. plus he is usually happy and posi tive oi have to do that to get better

  2. he is on topp the world …….no 1 was was like him .no 1 is like him.and no 1 will b like him.

  3. too bad his prime only lasted 2 years, coincidentally the second year was the beginning of the Messi era.

  4. Ronaldinho is above all better and talented, and messi has different style, and Ronaldo? hmmmmm……MEDIA HYPE!…..change the channel!…..

  5. @10MessiLegend ronaldinho is a bad finisher???looooooooooooooooooooooooolll.ok.at least he can play alone and he was at the time carriyng barca at his backs and invented every sklis tricks of today football oh and he won the world cup.messi good player cannot play without xavi,argentina is the proof of it.cr7 messi are todays best.but they cannot ever reach ronnies level.wath his videos he produced every single goal.xavi produces everything then pass th ball to messi and he just put it on the go

  6. @10MessiLegend …. you’re getting the wrong idea, i said he’s the only player i can *****TRULY***** respect. Of course i respect barcelona’s players but as a rivaled fan i prefer other players. Get your facts right before you judge 🙂

  7. @ilChelsie lol messi is barca player, respect! and messi is better, he has more goals and asistans, and at age 23, messi has evrything, but ronaldinho is bad at finising 😛 but stil he is my second favorite player 🙂

  8. @microsoftcool you dont respect barca players!? hmm than barca does not respect you, and half of world.

  9. Ronaldinho can’t be compared with any player that football gave!He’s unique!He’s brilliant!!He’s RONALDINHO!And nowone can reach him!
    Gheorghe Hagi was close enough!

  10. i would love to see someone say something like:
    “oh messi is better!” right now
    even at this age, ronaldinho is ten times the player messi or ronaldo or anyone else will ever be!

  11. Ronaldinho inspired me to want me to get better …Thank you Ronaldinhio WE love you

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