25 thoughts on “Sergio Ramos – Right Back 2009/2010 HD!

  1. @asdfasdfasdfasdf960 yeah but as a defender he should stoped him but he didnt and he said “well he is been driblling me all these 90 minutes and well i cant even touch the ball from his legs so why shouldnt i injure him” Barca>real. messi>ronaldo alves

  2. @Mut1LateD
    what a brilliant comment . 😀
    Ramos = Defender
    Messi = Wing Striker

    of course messi is better in shooting goals , but have you ever seen messi as defender ?

  3. @asdfasdfasdfasdf960 When he did that foul on messi on 5-0 he showed how better was messi than him

  4. @asdfasdfasdfasdf960
    Alves was shocking in that game and he is a total diver, but there aren’t many top right backs. A couple of years ago Maicon was the best, this season Bale took him to the cleaners. Everytime I watch Ramos he loses his head, he’s not the most skillful of fullbacks going forward and he’s not composed at centre back.

    ok wait a minut .
    vidic ok youre right , patrice evra / ashley cole okay youre right .
    but dani alves ? im sorry ,but , did you see him in the clasico ? nothing else than a diver and unfair player
    and now don’t ask me ” and the red card against him ? ” everbody EVERBODY in the world who watchetd the classico could see that pepe hadn’t any contact to alves .

  6. @asdfasdfasdfasdf960 There are loads of better defenders out there. Dani Alves best right back, Vidic best central, Evra/A.Cole best left back.

  7. @asdfasdfasdfasdf960 pique and puyol own him, but he would be the best on any other team except spain. he’s extremely good though, he just has a discipline problem

  8. @asdfasdfasdfasdf960
    Though Ramos is my favourite player, I’d say the best Defender Spain has is Carles Puyol, but Sergio Ramos is a close second.

  9. @asdfasdfasdfasdf960 i agree messi is good. but the best is zidane and in a distant second would be ronald because the are complete footballers. Messi, i feel if he played for any other team or if he played in say england or germany he wouldnt be able to shine. Zidane and Ronaldo could go beast-mode whereever they played

  10. Yes he is really good , but never better than dani alves.

    Dani Alves = The best right back . !

  11. good defender. worlds best with his head. you can’t compare him to alves, they’re different styles of play

  12. @asdfasdfasdfasdf960 I hope that someday u die on the most horrible way you can ever imagine just because i hate u

  13. @NickTheGreek1996 y want SW well here moree: dani alves, maicon, cole, lahm,m.richards,sagna ,poor guy abidal,zanetti,erva, sergio ramos is a good player but he has nevres inside the pitch tha’t why i don’ t like him

  14. @WorldFootballProd
    the best football player the world had ever seen was / is zinedine zidane and not lionel messi.

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