Tevez sent off in match

Former Manchester United striker and current Boca Juniors player Carlos Tevez has been sent off in a game after insulting a referee’s sister.

The player was booked after a rash challenge on an opposition player and insulted the referee in retaliation.

The referee had no other option than to give the striker a red card and he was sent off.

The Boca Juniors tried to pressurize the referee to change his decision but there was nothing to be done, and Carlos Tevez was sent off the pitch.

The match started well for Boca Juniors where they took the lead in the 33rd minute thanks to a goal from Carlos Tevez. Unfortunately, the former Manchester United player will be sent off 3 minutes later after his challenge on the opposition player.

However, Boca Juniors was not affected with the sending off and managed to go on and win the game 3-0.

This is not the first time that Tevez has been involved in a controversy. Ever since the start of his career, Carlos Tevez has caused all sorts of problems in the football world. He first came to Europe to play for West Ham and the London team was accused of signing him illegally. Things became worse when he scored the winning goal against Manchester United that allowed West Ham to remain in the Premier League. West Ham was forced to pay Sheffield United a compensation fee as they were the ones who were relegated from the Premier League that season.

Carlos Tevez has refused to comment on his sending off and had yet to apologize to the referee.

The Boca Juniors manager said that he regretted the decision and stated that Tevez is a good person and may have reacted angrily during the pressure of the game.